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Sebastian Vettel is 2010 Formula1 Champion with 256 points, won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso finished 2nd with 252 points | Red Bull won the construction Championship.


Monday, September 22, 2008

2008 Singapore Grand Prix - 1st F1 Race under light

2008 Singapore Grand Prix - 1st F1 Race under light

The 2008 Formula 1 season is heading to Singapore and for new experience as the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix will be held under lights for the first time in the history of F1 from Friday, 26th September to Sunday, 28th September 2008.

This is the 15th race of the season and only 3 races remains after this. Circuit is new for all the drivers and in the night it is going to be a tough task for all the drivers and their team.

Lewis Hamilton leading the 2008 Driver's Championship by just a single point to Felippe Massa and both will try to win the race to take the lead. Ferrari leading the Construction Championship.

2008 Singapore Grand Prix Race, Circuit Details:

Race Date: 28 September 2008

Number of Laps: 61

Circuit Length: 5.067 km

Race Distance: 309.087 km

Lap Record: N/A

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